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Choosing the best carpet for your home

Carpet flooring offers a luxurious underfoot feel, amazing colors and styles to choose from, and plenty of benefits that will make you come back again and again. It’s easy to match this floor covering to a variety of decor schemes since you can choose from extensive solid color options as well as a variety of designs and patterns. Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, you’ll also find more benefits available with this material than eve before. This gives you plenty of reasons to check this flooring out further to see how well it matches up with your current list of necessities for your floors.

Carpet installation should always be performed by a professional installation team. This assures that the material will be successfully put into place with no chance of bunching, seam separation, or voided warranties. Your professional team has all the special tools and experience necessary for a successful install of your new flooring.

At Williamson Flooring & Design Center, we are proud to cater to the flooring needs in the communities of Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, Chester, York, Clover, and Tega Cay. We offer a great selection of floor coverings and services and are completely intent on 100% customer satisfaction.
Luxury carpet in Rock Hill, SC from Williamson Flooring

Carpet is an excellent floor covering

The softness you’ll experience with this flooring does more than feel good underfoot. It also offers excellent heat retention, sound reduction, and helps create a safer environment for both young and old. Acting as another layer of insulation for your home, along with the under padding beneath it, it helps to keep your home warmer, and your furnace less burdened during the cold months. You’ll notice a savings in your energy bill as well.

Safety is achieved by not only offering a warm, comfortable, and soft place to play and walk, but it also helps alleviate slips and falls. Since this flooring offers a more stable surface, it’s also easier for walking aids to stay in place and not slip away. If a fall does occur, however, there’s less chance that serious injury will follow.

We look forward to the opportunity to match you with the perfect flooring for your home, according to your needs and preferences, and invite you to visit our showroom, located in Rock Hill, SC. We’re sure you’ll leave satisfied with the materials and service you receive.

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